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Mayhem in the Midlands:

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Beth Anderson

Julia Buckley

Stacy Verdick Case

Bobbi Chukran

Susan Fleet

Richard Graham-Yooll

Lynette Hall Hampton

Carol Johnson

Michael Kronenwetter

Betty Sullivan LaPierre

Robert Magarian

Mary Reed and Eric Mayer

Ami Reeves

M. Carolyn Steele

Chris M. Tatevosian

Gloria Teague

Gloria Teague - Amazon

Dr. Anthony Wilbon

Vivian Zabel

The Apostle Murders by Jim Laughter

Predator by Charles W. Sasser

The Inconvenient Corpse by Jackie King

A wonderful online discussion group for mystery readers: DorothyL

The premiere online magazine about books and authors: January Magazine

An incredible book site with lots of good author interviews and reviews:

A relatively new crime and mystery magazine with many articles and reviews: CrimeSpree Magazine

The booklover's guide to mysteries and thrillers: Mystery Ink Online

A well-maintained mystery site full of interesting reviews:

A great place for book reviews of many kinds:

A well-maintained mystery site with great reviews:

Another mystery site full of reviews and other interesting information:

A very well-maintained mystery review site:

A place to find out about mysteries: Mystery Lovers Corner

Another well-maintained and interesting mystery review site: Mysteries Galore

A full color print publication that is dedicated to publishing mysteries, articles, interviews and book reviews: Strand Magazine

A fun review site full of great, eclectic reviews:

Another very well-maintained mystery site, with lists by author and character:

One of the best-maintained and thorough mystery sites on the web:

The online home of Mystery Scene Magazine: Mystery Scene Magazine

A monthly book review distributed nationwide by more than 2,000 bookstores and libraries:

A good mystery site with recent reviews: I Love A Mystery Newsletter

Experience interactive crime fiction where you are the detective in a murder mystery: Malinche Entertainment

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