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Anyone who loves a good detective story with plenty twists and turns needs to get a copy of Twisted Perception. Bob Avey grips you from the start. Main man Detective Kenny Elliot is called in to investigate the brutal murder of an upper-crust woman. (all isn't as it seems) Gut instincts lead him on a journey back in time that he isn't comfortable with for a number of reason (have to read it to find out!) More murders come and deepen the investigation that Elliot can't seem to leave to another. Not only is this story a great murder/mystery it is also one that will broaden your mind and open you up to Twisted Perception...... —Annie Frame. Author of Imprint and TQR.

Twisted Perception Has it All!

Twisted Perception is, without a doubt, one of the most exciting, suspenseful, compelling, engaging, intriguing books I've read in a long, long time. I know that's a whole lot of adjectives, but this book really needs that many descriptives!

I adore a good suspense story, and boy oh boy, did I get my socks knocked off with this one. It hooked me from the very first page and held me in its grips through the very last sentence. The storyline is fascinating and believable, the dialogue is realistic, the characters are all name it, Twisted Perception has it all.

Bob has a Winner!

Twisted is right. Twisted perceptions, twisted plots and twisted people abound in this novel. Avey kept me guessing until the end with one final megaTwist. When's the next one going to be released?—S. Whitfield.

Twisted Perception

I enjoyed reading this book, wanted to see what would happen next so it kept the pages turning. Because of this first book the second one was ordered.—T. Shook

Twist Comes Full Circle!

Bob Avey hits the ground running with his solo debut into the mystery-suspense genre. Twisted Perception is filled with brilliantly written characters that are as believable as they are entertaining.

Kenny Elliot had a tumultuous childhood, growing up in the small town of Porter, Oklahoma. Never knowing his father and with little guidance from his troubled mother, Kenny found a friend and mentor in Sheriff Charlie Johnson. When the mutilated bodies of his friends, Johnnie Boy and Marcia Barnes are found, in a car, with Kenny's class ring swinging on a necklace from the rear-view mirror, suspicion and town gossip pointed to the hot tempered teen. The case was officially closed when the deaths were classified a murder-suicide. However, doubts persisted within the community about Kenny's involvement. Unable to shake the suspicions and unsure of the findings himself, he took Sheriff Johnson's advice and left town, with no intentions of ever returning.

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