Kenny Elliot is a detective in Tulsa, Oklahoma. Kenny hails from the small town of Porter, Oklahoma. Kenny grew up poor. He didn't know his father and his mother's problems led her to an early grave. In spite of his background Kenny was a football star in his hometown. The police chief helped him through some of his rough times as a young man growing up.
Now Kenny is faced with the investigation of the murder of Lagayle Zimmerman. Lagaye is discovered in her vehicle, which contains a shiny necklace hanging from the rearview mirror. Kenny mind transports him back to Porter where a similar necklace hung from the mirror of a Mustang containing the bodies of his friends, Jonathan
Alexander and Marcia Barnes. Kenny was even a suspect in these two murders. The murders were ruled as a murder and suicide but Kenny never believed this.

Now years later Lagayle's death brings back memories and he travels back through his past to find the answers to the nightmares he has had for years and to reveal the true killer behind the murders of the past and the murders now happening in his city of Tulsa.

Kenny not only learns the identity of the true murderer but many secrets from his past are also revealed. This is a book that I very highly recommend. I will look forward to reading the next Bob Avey book.—P. Reid