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Adventures and oddities encountered during book-signing events have kept this newsletter going, generating the lion’s share of content since inception.

However, my participation in such outings has, of lately, been lacking. Due in part to my sloth-like approach to novel writing, my efforts have been somewhat thwarted by the lack of having a new book to sign, but that’s not the whole story. Other reasons lurk in the etheric land of authorship.

Top ten reasons people don’t buy books at book signings:

10. Will the book be available at the bookstore after you leave? This is just a polite way of saying no.

09. Is the book available in large print? Ditto.

08. Is the book available in Audio format? Ditto.

07. I only read true stories, not fiction. Don’t get me started on my comparisons of paintings and photographs.

06. This looks interesting, but I left my wallet in the car. Yeah, right.

05. Slightly embarrassed look followed by a snicker then: I don’t read. I still can’t believe people admit to this. I even had a guy stand at my table, asking me how he could get his book published, and when I could take it no longer and asked if he’d like to take a look at my book, he said – You guessed it: I don’t read. I still wonder if the sheer audacity of this has ever stricken the poor fellow.

04. I’ll buy your book, just as soon as I find my husband. This one used to get me excited, thinking that the husband / wife was temporarily misplaced within the bookstore, until I discovered these people aren’t married at all, but still looking. I’m still waiting for those sales to come in.

03. I just can’t. I already have a stack of unread books at home. Not like this one you don’t.

02. I would love to buy one of your books. However, I just got back from the doctor, where I discovered that I have many allergies. One of them is to the pages of books. This is actually the best excuse I’ve ever heard and it remains my all-time favorite. However, it just doesn’t lead into the rest of the newsletter like the next one.

01. And the number one reason people no longer buy books at book signings: I don’t read physical books anymore. Is the book available on Kindle, Nook, etc.?

Thankfully, my books are available on most electronic reading machines. The e-book revolution, which has been rumored for years throughout the writing profession, is actually happening. I’ve seen a definite increase in e-book sales, which, unfortunately carries a corresponding drop in the physical arena. Some authors and readers embrace the revolution, while others find it – revolting.

I want to thank you for sticking with me and continuing to read my somewhat eclectic newsletters. For those readers who might have scratched their heads over my last few, wondering if I had finally lost my mind, I want to assure the content will return to normal, if my scribbling can indeed be so classified. However, for those who might have enjoyed my little forays into the realm of the extraordinary, I plan to start a new blog, dedicated to the strange, the curious and the remarkable. As soon as Bad Brad, my brilliant web person gets a few details ironed out on my website, I’ll launch the blog.

What’s going on:

When you find out, let me know.

Dana from Oklahoma won the book giveaway last quarter.

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This article was written by Bob Avey, author of Twisted Perception and Beneath a Buried House.


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